Why you need WHITESILK Double Plant Stem Cell & Melatonin Detox & Repair (60,000ppm) Cream:

Our products are proven to show stronger effects of tissue regeneration and cell rejuvenation.



  1. Reduction of wrinkles, sagging, dark spots, dullness and enlarged pores
  2. Revitalization of the skin effectively fights blemishes, reduces acnes
  3. Cell rejuvenation that helps to promote the regeneration of skin cells
  4. Lifting and firmness to the skin through increased collagen


NOTE: Recommended usage of product before & after laser treatment procedures


BENEFITS: Clinical and proven performance!

(Tested by: Global Medical Institute of Korea)

  1. 96% of participants reported improvements in skin smoothness
  2. 100% reported their skin looked much more hydrated in just 30 days
  3. 98% reported an increase in the elasticity of their skin
  4. 95% reported a clear difference in the decreased appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, and Crow’s Feet
  5. 93% reported that their skin looked more moist and radiant
  6. NO additives, NO fragrance, and NO antiseptics! We provide the purest and most efficient form of Human Stem Cell

【WHITESILK by AnterogenPartners】 Double Plant Stem Cell Detox Repair Melatonin (