Why you need WHITESILK's Human Stem Cell Freeze-Dried Powder:

  • Extended shelf-life of human stem cell media while also maintaining the product’s quality
  • Preservation of high-quality ingredients for a long period of time due to freeze-dried nature



  1. Visible improvement in as little as 24 hours after application
  2. Cutting edge Human Stem Cell (Freeze-Dried Powder ) technology for immediate & long-term effects of cell rejuvenation
  3. Immediate reduction of deep wrinkles, sagging, dullness, and enlarged pores
  4. Plumpness and firmness to the skin through increased collagen production
  5. Removal of dark spots to create luminous skin tone □Intense hydration


NOTE: Recommended usage of product before & after laser treatment procedures


BENEFITS: Clinical and proven performance!

  1.  100% of patients reported improvements in skin smoothness
  2. Brightened skin by 24% over 30 days
  3. Decreased wrinkle depth up to 14% after 1 month
  4. Hydrated skin by 20% in just after 30 days
  5. Reduced pigmentation and brown spots by 20%
  6. NO additives, NO fragrance, and NO antiseptics! We’re here to give you the purest and most efficient form of Human Stem Cell

Human Stem Cell (800,000ppm) Freeze-Dried Powder and Spicule Serum