1. Reduction of wrinkles, sagging, dullness, and enlarged pores
  2. Lifting and revitalization of the skin
  3. Active cell rejuvenation that helps to promote the regeneration of skin cells
  4. Moisturization to the skin
  5. Plumpness and firmness to the skin through increased collagen
  6. Cutting edge Human Stem Cell technology that is proven to provide long-lasting effects


NOTE: Recommended usage of product before & after laser treatment procedures


BENEFITS: Clinical and proven performance!

  1. 100% of patients reported improvements in skin smoothness
  2. Hydrated skin by 38% in just after 30 days
  3. Increased elasticity of skin by 68% within 30 days
  4. Decreased wrinkle depth by 35% in just over 30 days
  5. Reduction of scarring and UV-damaged skin by 48%
  6. NO additives, NO fragrance, and NO antiseptics! We provide the purest and most efficient form of Human Stem Cell

TheraStem〔PRO Drops〕─ Power Ampoule┃Human Stem Cell 800,000ppm┃Only 2 Ingredient