1. All hair types

  2. Proven to significantly increase hair thickness and fullness for both men and women

  3. Noticeable improvement in the quality, strength, and thickness of existing hair

  4. Cutting edge Human Stem Cell technology that is proven to provide long-lasting effects


NOTE: Recommended usage of product before & after laser treatment procedures


BENEFITS: Clinical and proven performance!

  1. 86% of women reported a noticeable increase in hair growth in just 6 months

  2. Comparison of stem cells between treated follicles and untreated follicles showed the treated follicles had a spike of 70% after just 12 weeks

  3. Reduced hair loss for in just 4 months

  4. Rapid growth of healthy strong hair and increase in hair volume

  5. NO additives, NO fragrance, and NO antiseptics!

【The SCM1 for hair by Anterogenpartners┃800,000ppm】 ◈Treatment for Anti-hair Los