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To make good cosmetics, you need good ingredients. If you use a different approach, you will see the difference.


Smear of Cream

Based on globally-recognized patented approach, selected active ingredients, and with a distinguished know-how, we - Anterogen Partners - are uniquely positioned to create specialized anti-aging products. 


As we get older, many of us arrive at a common moment concerned with the changes in our skin - what can be done about the effects of skin aging? We created WHITESILK as our take on that question. 

The crux of WHITESILK is our cutting-edge research in 3D Human Stem Cell. Our US FDA-approved Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) focuses on key ingredients that help address skin aging by using Anterogen Partners’ differentiated human stem cell conditioned media (US Patent # US9874574B2). Our approach is simple but impactful: “active raw material = active ingredient”. We curate these active ingredients into our superior skincare solutions so that anyone is able to access and enjoy. 

The human stem cell conditioned media is a cosmetic ingredient used in dermatology clinics (including GOWOONSESANG Dermatologist) with all products having been clinically tested by university hospitals in Korea or government-certified laboratories (including The Severance Hospital of the Yonsei University Health System and Chung-Ang University Hospital). WHITESILK focuses solely on high-quality, premium products with demonstrated impact. 


We are a company that believes that our products are truly different:

Different in inception: made for healthy skin by human stem cell experts and affirmed by dermatologist and related specialists

Different in composition: application of only high-quality, premium ingredients that are patented and unique to our brand  

Different in results: concentration level of active ingredient precisely set for optimal results   


In Korea, our products are supplied / sold through dermatology clinics. In other Asian markets (China / Japan), our products are supplied / sold through specialty stores. In the US and Canada, our products are supplied / sold through Amazon (Anterogenpartners). ​

We welcome you to Anterogen Partners.

Founder & CEO

Steve Chu


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