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  • What is Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media (SCM)?
    We focus on using key ingredients that help address skin aging by using Anterogen Partners’ differentiated human stem cell conditioned media (US Patent # US9874574B2). Human stem cell conditioned media (SCM) is a key cosmetic ingredient that is derived from human fat tissue and is globally-recognized, patented, and used in all of our products. In 2018, Anterogen has received patents on Human Stem Cell Media with EGF & BFGF from 15 countries around the world, including but not limited to the US, Canada, and EU. Our patented cosmetic ingredient SCM is used in dermatology clinics with all products having been clinically tested by university hospitals in Korea or government-certified laboratories (including The Severance Hospital of the Yonsei University Health System and Chung-Ang University Hospital). We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge research in 3D Human Stem Cell.
  • Where does Anterogen Partner's Human Stem Cell come from?
    All of our human stem cell products are human adipose derived from human fat tissue.
  • Do you offer wholesale on your products?
    We do not currently offer wholesale accounts on our products. We distribute and sell our products solely through Amazon as they are our main distributor throughout the North America region.
  • Where can I purchase your products?
    You can directly visit our Amazon page here Although you cannot purchase items directly from our website, you can easily access the Amazon pages on the website, where you can buy our products. This website acts as a great resource for customers about our collection and help customers to better understand what products would suit their needs and anti-aging goals. We distribute and sell our products specifically through Amazon as they are our main distributor throughout the North America region (i.e., United States and Canada). How to Purchase Our Items on Amazon: To purchase an item from this website, please visit the "SHOP" page and click on a product, which will take you directly to the product page. On the right of the product image, you should see an option that says "BUY NOW," with a hyperlink below it called "PURCHASE ON AMAZON." Click on the hyperlink and you will immediately get directed to the Amazon page.
  • What is PPM? What is the importance of measuring Human Stem Cell in PPM?
    We measure our Human Stem Cell by PPM, which stands for parts per million. What makes our products highly unique is that we aim to deliver Human Stem Cell products with the highest levels of PPM. We want to provide everyone with high-quality natural ingredients and the most concentrated Human Stem Cell so as to provide long-lasting effects for your skin. The higher the PPM, the more potent and concentrated Human Stem Cell.
  • When and how often should I use your products?
    We recommend our customers to first use the serum and then apply the cream afterwards for better absorption. A lot of our customers use our products twice a day — once in morning and once in the evening.
  • Can I microneedle when using Anterogen Partner's products?
    Yes! In fact, we highly recommend that our products be used DURING and AFTER microneedling and/or laser treatment procedures so as to see the most effective results. Some popular methods of microneedling are via the usage of Hylauronic and Derma Pens. The recommended depth of microneedling that is safe to use with our serums would be 0.25mm ~ 0.3mm. However, we advise our customers to microneedle only once every 1 to 2 weeks in order to prevent skin irritation and possible scarring. NOTE: our products are for topical use only, not for injection. Please consult with your doctor for any medical questions.
  • What makes WhiteSilk highly unique from other anti-aging brands?
    ✔ Anterogen is known for cutting edge research in 3D Human Stem Cell ✔ On May 18 2020, Anterogen received US FDA Approval​ for ​Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) Designation ✔ In 2018, Anterogen has received patents on ​Human Stem Cell Media​ from the US (No. US9874574B2), Europe (No. EP2425844B1), Japan, Israel, China, Hong Kong, and more ✔ Since 2012, Anterogen has been a market authorisation holder for the use of Cupistem injection as an adipose-derived stem cell therapy ✔ All products of Anterogen have been clinically tested by university hospitals in Korea or government-certified laboratories
  • Do your products need to be refridgerated?
    Yes, we strongly advise that these products are refrigerated at all times in order to safely preserve the human stem cell. Our human stem cell is temperature-sensitive because our human stem cell conditioned media (SCM) is much more highly concentrated compared to the human stem cell used by other brands. We chose to distribute and sell products with higher concentrations of human stem cell and higher PPM so as to provide our customers with the most powerful and effective results. Thus, it is imperative that all of our products are kept in the fridge so that our customers can use our products for a long-term use.
  • Why are the caps of the serum ampoules difficult to remove (i.e., The WhiteSilk, Magic Million, The TheraStem)?"
    Our serum ampoules are tightly sealed with hard-screwed caps in order to ensure that our products are safely preserving the human stem cell. Once these caps are removed, the human stem cell in the ampoule rapidly undergoes oxidation on exposure to air. As the human stem cell conditioned media comes more in contact with oxygen, the less effective the human stem cell becomes. This is why we highly advise our customers to use our products within 3 days of opening so as to experience faster and effective results.
  • Please provide directions on how to use your masks for your WHITESILK Premium Mask Pack & Anterogen’s (SCM) Program Set.
    All of our masks are divided up into two pieces. The first piece is for the upper half of your face while the second piece is for the lower half of your face. Please gently apply both masks to your face. Apply both masks onto your face for at least 20-40 minutes. Make sure to apply any remaining liquid from the mask pack onto your face. Note: Our masks are not reuseable, they are for one-time use only.
  • What is the shelf-life of Anterogen Partner's ampoule serums (i.e., The WhiteSilk, Magic Million, The TheraStem)?"
    All of our ampoule serums have a shelf-life of 2 years if they are kept at room temperature and remain unopened. However, once the cap of the ampoule is removed, the serums must be refridgerated at all times. Furthermore, it is strongly advised that customers use any opened ampoules of serums within 3 days of opening.
  • What is the shelf-life of Anterogen Partner's serum bottles (i.e., Youth Serums, WhiteSilk Derma Starter Kit)?"
    The shelf-life of our serum bottles is up to ~1 month. Note: we advise our customers to keep the products refrigerated as much as possible so as to extend the shelf-life of the product.


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